I’d like to try a new place

Gusseiserner Ofen, Sound // Iron furnace
Länge: 9:35 Min. // Length: 9:35 Min.

The furnace, which has probably been in many different living rooms and has provided warmth, is witness to of various events in the lives of its inhabitants. What if the stove was able to record all those conversations and events as a silent witness and could pass them on as a kind of storyteller?

Voices from long times long past tell of their experiences in and around their homes. They are old, psychiatric interviews from the early 1950s and 1960s, in which women talk about their fears, depressions, and tabooed problems that home can bring. The home can reveal itself as a prison, a torture chamber, or even an inaccessible destination. The voices also testify to the hopelessness of an era in which mental stigmatized and tabooed, a phenomenon that seems to be changing only slowly, even today.